27 January 2012

Japan is different. Oh really?

But the LDP [of Japan] shows the same intransigence that has been its stock-in-trade since it lost power in 2009. It vows to block the tax bill, even though raising the consumption tax has long been a plank in its own policies. Generational Warfare, 'The Economist', 28 January
Once more, we see the unimportance of outcomes to today's politicians. The right policy rejected because it's proposed by the people on the other side. We - that is, the entire democratic world - desperately need a new political system. One that targets outcomes that are meaningful to ordinary people, not politicians, corporates or government agencies. The old system is just not fit for purpose.

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Anonymous said...

The development of civilization makes democracy and the humanization of society inevitable. The best minds tirelessly look for a new and effective form of government that would adequately represent today's changing society. The solution is near and the necessary resources to establish this form of government are already available in society.

A new multipolar political system with a movable centre of joint decisions.