12 April 2018

Killing for profit

Dr Jason Fung concludes his concise post about the corruption of Evidence Based Medicine thus:
So here’s a damning list of all the problems of EBM
  1. Selective Publication
  2. Rigged outcomes
  3. Advertorials
  4. Reprint Revenues
  5. Bribery of Journal Editors
  6. Publication Bias
  7. Financial Conflicts of Interests
Killing for profit, Jason Fung, 12 April
My comment, after thanking Dr Fung for his post, was short: I think we need to re-orientate the incentives away from activities, publications, and other surrogate indicators, and focus entirely on outcomes that are meaningful to ordinary people: longevity, infant mortality, Disability Adjusted Life Years etc. In the abstract, this sounds difficult, but my suggestion of a new financial instrument could help.

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