16 January 2010

Economic growth = hungry children?

From the current Economist':
According to the Food Bank for New York City, an estimated 1.3m New Yorkers now rely on soup kitchens (which provide hot meals) and food pantries (which give away food). The number of people having trouble paying for food has increased 60%, to 3.3m, since 2003. ... Almost half of all New York City households with children have difficulty affording enough food. A staggering one in five of the city’s children, 397,000 small people, rely on soup kitchens — up 48% since 2004. The Big Apple is hungry (subscription), 'Economist', 14 January
This must be the 'Bush Boom', that Jerry Bowyer writes about. As the blurb for his book, The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy has it:
[George W Bush] resolved to pursue an economic policy that included unprecedented tax cuts. What’s the result of Bush’s low-tax economic program? Jerry Bowyer confronts the critics and offers clear and convincing evidence that the Bush Administration fixed a broken economy, boosting the fastest economic turnaround since President Ronald Reagan. Source

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