05 September 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I saw the movie An Inconvenient Truth today. Well worth seeing, I think, as Al Gore presents the evidence from different angles. One telling point for me was his comparison of the number of peer-reviewed articles in scientific articles that believe we are experiencing climate change, 928 articles, or 100 per cent, and the number of popular media articles that doubt this: 53 per cent of the several hundred (I think) surveyed. Gore appears fairly optimistic about the prospects of reducing global emissions to 1970s levels by efficiency gains and application of existing technologies (not nuclear). But he didn’t say what even such large cutbacks would mean for the climate. I suspect the answer is not very much. Climate Stability Bonds were not mentioned.

I don’t go much for party politics, but the man appeared impressive, human and coherent in this movie, and I couldn’t help wishing he were in the White House now. One passing comment was that he had presented his slide show on climate change at least 1000 times.

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