06 April 2006

The CAP is killing Europe as well as Africans

For dealing with illegal immigrants from Africa:

[t]he EU’s official strategy also involves tackling the European black market, and sending large dollops of aid to Africa to ‘create better conditions of daily life’ in migrants’ countries of origin, and to encourage transit nations like Mauritania to shut down migration routes. Source
A better solution would be to allow free trade between the EU and Africa. This would mean dismantling the Common Agricultural Policy and other trade barriers that do so much to keep Africans poor (or kills them). It would give Africans a chance to develop without having to leave their cultures (and in many cases, families) behind. It would mean that the only immigrants into Europe would be willing immigrants. What chance is there of that happening? With France still in the EU and still, shamefully, being allowed to blackmail the rest of Europe into submission the chances are precisely nil.

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