14 March 2006

Social Policy Bonds: the book

I have finished updating a draft of my core text on Social Policy Bonds: Injecting incentives into the achievement of social and environmental outcomes. The first three chapters are available as a pdf file (254 kB) free of charge here. The basics of the Social Policy Bond mechanism are described in chapter 3. Comments are welcome. Having failed to interest mainstream publishers in the past, I will not try too energetically to get this book published, but I will make a final version available soon as an e-book from the Social Policy Bonds website. Anyone who has bought any of my books in the past is welcome to email me for the full text of the current update, free of charge. I will post the remaining chapters on this blog, so devoted readers will be able to pick up the entire text (40 000 words) at no cost. Any prospective publishers are also welcome to contact me directly.

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