21 November 2005

Eradicating small businesses: all join in

Government and big business seem to run a cartel with a single aim: to eradicate small businesses. In this they are aided by all sorts of organisations. This, from today’s (UK) Daily Telegraph:

The misery women go through all over the world queuing for public lavatories would be eased under new principles proposed by the World Toilet Organisation. Guidelines issued at the weekend by the National Environment Agency in Singapore, where the WTO is based, would mean women have at least equal facilities to men.

The code requires medium-sized restaurants, bars and nightclubs to have as many female cubicles as they have male cubicles and urinals. Larger venues, and those such as theatres and cinemas where usage is confined to peak periods, would have to favour women's facilities by a ratio of 14:10.

“It's very important where there are a lot of people,” said Elisabeth Maria-Huba, a German social scientist. “Women need longer. And in a lot of cases women have to arrange themselves to go out again.”

The World Toilet Organisation does exist.

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